Your data where and how you need it.

Our Mission

DataNexus was founded for the purpose of making it easier for people to bring together data from disparate sources in a secure and compliant manner, enabling analysis in near-real time.


We are a team of experienced professionals who understand business, software development, technology, and the culture changes required to meet this demand.

The secure core is designed for taking data from many sources (DB, NoSQL, File, S3, API) and routing it to one or more destinations (Postgres, Cassandra, Solr and File) while doing filter, mask and augment in-flight. Next was how to get all data including relational DB data into streams in near real-time. The DataNexus platform is a fully automated Zero Touch Provisioned solution using Ansible. Support for CDC on MSSQL and Oracle using data-pipeline all Python code based for ease of use. The platform is designed to be immutable and will run on hybrid clouds or bare metal. First deployed to production with IAG in 2016 with an open sourced community edition. The enterprise build has key pieces that will require subscription which include: Yaml based system provisioning, key management, operational support and advanced logging.