Executive Team

We started out with the problem statement of taking data from many sources and routing it to one or more destinations. Then on to filter, mask and augment the data in-flight. Next was how to route transactions, events, messages and other data into streams. Finally how do you assemble these in-flight and write the results to any store. That is what DataNexus is built for. The DataNexus platform is a fully automated “ZTP” Zero Touch Provisioned solution, that has advanced features like end-to-end encryption and replication. The platform is immutable and can run on hybrid clouds or bare metal.

We first deployed to production with IAG in 2016 and have open sourced a community edition. We are also building out the key pieces that will require subscription which include: provisioning, key management, operational support and advanced logging and ML for scaling.

Beginning in Dec 2017 DataNexus began working on the DataTrust platform which layers on top of DataNexus core and implement a Trusted Identity Platform (TIP). The DataTrust platform gives the ability to implement data sharing securely and using an audit trail via Hyperledger (blockchain) technology and end-to-end security.

Eddie Satterly

Chief Executive Officer

Highly Motivated, Creative, and Versatile Executive with Comprehensive Experience in Information Technology Organizations. Committed to the Highest Levels of Professional Excellence including Life Long Learning and Building Productive Relationships with Colleagues and Clients. Leading large globally distributed teams of developers, product managers and architects.

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Twitter @eddie_satterly

Christopher Keller

Chief Technology Officer

Award winning, results proven executive known for execution and delivery. He primarily works at the intersection of business problems and technology solutions. Hi current focus areas include: streaming data, distributed ledgers, security, public and private cloud infrastructure, automation, next generation data centers and infrastructure, education and training around the open source way.

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Twitter @cnkeller

Use Cases

Easy Reference Customer Use Case

Our client was spending tens of millions a year on legacy enterprise licenses and maintenance on an entire row of servers in a data center. Not only was the legacy spend high, the hardware and software running on the systems were not performant for a modern enterprise that needed to enable a secure large scale data operation for normalization, aggregation and privacy. There was a need for new analytic approaches and a modern data-as-a-service model.

Our team crafted a holistic approach that included:

  • Legacy to Open Source Transformation leading our clients teams to both understand and embrace the value of Open Source implementation and contribution
  • DataNexus Open Source Core implementation
  • DataNexus Custom Integrations and data filters for a wide range of disparate data sources
  • DataNexus Master Coordinators implementation enabling highly secured and auditable, fully compliant data control models in a highly regulated environment
  • We take great pride that the DataNexus highly secure platform was audited against the most strict of standards by multiple bodies with no defects found

The initial client engagement was for only four months, at which time we had already been able to measurably save the client approximately $10m USD. With a proven and measurable ROI, we extended our engagement to get more data sources moved over to our platform, and seamlessly decommissioned legacy assets.

At the close of our engagement, we had saved our client nearly $30m in just 20 months.

Please visit our Tech Blog for the latest product information and more details on recent use cases.


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Red Hat Innovation Award

In 2017, our work creating and implementing both open source technologies and open source cultural transformation at IAG was honored by Red Hat with their APAC innovation award and 1 of 5 Global Innovation finalist.

Read more about it here: